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Protection Scarf

Starting with protection wasn't a choice. I had no intentions of starting a scarf business. There I was, petitioning to God about being my provider, and there it came, a reminder of what it felt like to cover my head in prayer. Covering my head reminded me that I belong to, serve, and worship a great God who cares for me. It felt like a secret, protected space with Him and for Him, and it inspired women around me to want to cover their heads as well.

Three weeks later I had my first design sample in hand.

The Protection scarf serves as a tangible emblem of God's unwavering shelter over us. Just as the word "Yeshua" (Jesus' name in Hebrew) punctuates the scarf's design, so does Jesus serve as our eternal fortress.


Featured verses: 

  • Psalm 23: Our Shepherd who guides and protects.

  • Psalm 91: The promise of refuge and safety in God.

  • Psalm 125:1-2: Assurance of our unmovable position in Christ.

  • Psalm 116:1-2: A personal testimony of God's protective love.

  • Psalm 121: A comforting reminder that our help comes from the Lord.

  • 2 Samuel 22:3-4: A warrior's hymn proclaiming God as our fortress.

  • Isaiah 41:9-10: A prophetic promise of God's unyielding support.


In choosing these verses, the aim is to cover the broad spectrum of God's protection—physical, emotional, and spiritual. Each word printed on this scarf has been purposefully chosen to armor you with His promises.

This scarf is for anyone in a season of need—whether it's spiritual warfare, emotional struggles, or physical challenges. It calls to those who long to wrap themselves in verses that are both shield and comfort. By meditating on these promises, wearers can foster a deeper sense of peace and security, rooted not in worldly circumstances, but in the promises of God Himself.

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