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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Stillness

Prayer Scarves was conceived and brought to fruition in prayer. Prayerfully these scarves are designed, prayerfully they are dispatched to manufacturers, prayerfully I wait for the finished product, and with both petition and praise, I offer them to you.


It’s my intention to exalt His name and His Word, and to inspire you to seek Him intimately, reverently, and with great expectation.​

Protection Prayer Scarves

Our Story

I'm just a girl trying her best to love God and this is one of many efforts to do so. I'm convinced I will always fall short, so I'm compelled to inspire others. Literally crying as I write this 😭.

That's what I've been doing for the past year and a half through my personal ministry, Intimaseed. (Both inspiring and crying! lol) It has been a dream coming true to serve and be found useful to the Kingdom. Thank you for being here.

~ Mel

Grateful for

One Year

Here's a little about the incredible journey that led to the one-year anniversary of Prayer Scarves. In this heartfelt video, we share a personal testimony filled with inspiration, perseverance, and divine guidance.

Meet The Team

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