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The Shield of Grace: A Revelation of "Chen"

Have you ever felt that God is out of reach, that there is a thick wall standing between you and Him? In the still corners of our hearts, where doubt casts shadows over our faith, we often wonder: Are we truly cherished by God?

To illuminate these questions, let's look into the ancient Hebrew word for grace, "chen." The Hebrew language, with its ancient pictographs, is a beautiful tapestry of hidden meanings that whispers wisdom across millennia. This exploration may redefine your understanding of the word "grace" and, consequently, your relationship with God.

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Understanding the Ancient Pictographs

Chen (חֵן) is the Hebrew word most often translated as grace and is represented by two characters: "Chet," signifying a wall or divide, and "Nun," signifying a seed or heir.

Chet: The Barrier

pictograph for chet

Chet, the first letter in "chen," depicted a wall or a boundary. This imagery could symbolize the perceived divide between us and God. Even if we've experienced being enveloped in His presence, He can sometimes feel a bit out of reach. But hold on to that thought - we will revisit this later.

Nun: The Seed

pictograph for nun

The second letter, Nun, was initially portrayed as a sprouting seed. It embodies the concept of life, growth, and continuation. This character embodies Jesus, the divine seed and heir (Galatians 3:16), and the promise of new life.

The Profound Symbolism of Grace

The ancient pictographs of "chen" beautifully intertwine, to reveal a divine boundary nurturing and sustaining life. God's grace, symbolized by this wall, fosters growth, transformation, and renewal in those who receive it. It's His grace that guards us from condemnation and beckons us into a relationship with Him. This is beautifully illustrated in 2 Corinthians 5:17, "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come."

Picture this: God's grace as a protective wall, ensuring the continuity of the promised seed from the beginning of time, the eternal continuity of His son. The wall that once divided us from God becomes the fortification for His promise. It's no longer a barrier, but a vessel of protection.

In Psalm 5:12, it is written, "For you bless the righteous, O Lord; you cover him with favor as with a shield."

God's grace has made a way for mankind, initially destined for death through disobedience, to beget that which God finds favorable, a righteous counterpart, the body and bride of Christ.

Breaking Down the Barriers

Remember the barrier we spoke about earlier? The grace of God, as represented by "chen," breaks down the barriers of sin that separate us from Him. This revelation invites us into a deeper relationship with God, one where we understand His grace as a protective wall and the seed of His promise, Jesus Christ.

This perspective challenges us to reframe our relationship with God: Have you been on a quest to earn divine favor, feeling perpetually a step behind?

Recognize that God's grace is not a prize to be won but a gift to be embraced, an exquisite echo of His profound love for you.

Reflection: Embracing Chen

In the light of this reflection, ask yourself: What barriers have I erected in my relationship with God? Are you willing to let His grace, His "chen," break them down? Can I transform these walls into divine safeguards, beautiful symbols of His favor?

"But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more, so that as sin reigned in death, even so grace might reign through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." - Romans 5:20-21

As you ponder these questions, remember to extend yourself grace too. Rid yourself of unforgiveness, and invite God's grace to fill you and overflow from you to those around you. Remember, you are precious in God's eyes. You are adored, you are loved, and you are deeply favored. This is the beauty of His grace, reaching out to you, leading you beyond perceived barriers, and guiding you into His eternal embrace. Not only is there mercy and forgiveness there, but His grace also provides a safe space for Him to transform you into the likeness of Christ.

I invite you to sit quietly, meditate on these words, and ask God to reveal His grace to you in new, profound ways. Perhaps write down any thoughts or revelations that come to mind. Journaling can be a beautiful way to document your journey with God, to see how far you've come, and to keep sight of where you're going.

I hope this article guides you into deeper revelations of His grace that beget a profound sense of belonging in His eternal embrace. As it is written, "And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace." (John 1:16, ESV).


Prayer for Forgiveness

Lord, there's nothing I can do to be worthy of your forgiveness. I have so many things to be ashamed of, sometimes it's hard to believe that you died for me. But here you are again, reminding me that my worth is your call, not mine. So forgive me for all my sins, in word, in deed or in thought, against you, against myself, or against others, directly or indirectly, known or unknown. I will forgive others because I am forgiven and so that you will continue to forgive me. Increase my understanding of your grace and cleanse my heart to help me see myself and others through your eyes. Amen


The Shield of Grace: A revelation of chen
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